Notes – 13th Feburary

Work we have ‘Done’ this week.

Over the past few months requests for web forms has increased significantly and its is becoming quite time consuming for the team members, plus you have to wait a week or two. We manually create forms using PHP and MySQL so an email was sent to the JISC Institutional web managers mailing list and as they are a helpful lot Rackforms was suggested as an alternative.

It is now installed and running and seems to be quite good. The admin interface is a little teletext though however this doesn’t interfere with the functionality too much.

So the turnaround will be hours/days from now on rather than days/weeks.

Around the past 18 months we have used Pingdom so that we are alerted to any disruption to service via email and SMS, however we needed a little more insight so we have moved to Monitis this offers additional points of failure and monitoring tools.

  • How to apply online has had a major overhaul so much easy to use for web editors when adding the required start and end dates.
  • ‘I am not a robot’ recaptcha has been added replacing the old version
  • My Sunderland OFSTED area created for external inspectors

In Progress

  • ME page enhancements (timetabling integrations)
  • Qualys scan fixes
  • We are moving the Mediahub blogs to a WordPress Multisite service
  • Creating a shop directory for Fashion North
  • The new Human Resources website
  • Web team annual review report

Human Resources website sneak peak

If you interested in taking part in the usability studies please email

The team have been experiementing with the Oculus Rift and we are very impressed and ooh the potential.

Micheal Duell (Learning Technologist using the OR headset)

Micheal Duell (Learning Technologist using the OR headset)

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