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Key Resources for Hospitality, Events, Aviation & Tourism

This page brings together library resources for your studies and research. Each of the tabs above highlight key subject related resources which you will find useful during your course.

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Hello, I’m here to help you with using academic resources for hospitality, events, aviation and tourism.

As well as giving tips on using key resources I’ll blog updates and spotlight particularly useful or new resources to help you with topics you’re studying each week.

You’ll see timetables sessions built into some of your modules and you are always welcome to attend study skills drop-ins to further develop your academic skills. If you need individual support you can book a one-to-one appointment.

I look forward to meeting you.

For more details on using library facilities take a look at the Library Essentials videos and training sessions.


Books and ebooks in the collection reflect titles on your Library Reading Lists but also offer titles for wider reading. For wider reading you can use the Library Catalogue to search for specific titles, author names or keywords.

Accessing ebooks

Find books in the Library

Flyer depicting library locations for tourism subjects: Tourism is upstairs at 338.4791, Hospitality is downstaits at 647.94, Events is downstairs at 394.2067 and Aviation is downstairs at 387.7

Hospitality, Events, Aviation & Tourism books are based at St. Peter’s Library

Keep in mind these shelf numbers are just for guidance. You will need to use Library Search to find the specific shelf number. Some titles may be shelved at different numbers due to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject for example it is likely that you will find lots of useful books in the business section of the library if you’re studying human resources, leadership or marketing.

You’ll find introductory textbooks, along with titles on specific subjects such as:

  • Tourism: heritage, destination branding, critical tourism, dark tourism and more…
  • Hospitality: marketing, gastronomy, human resources and more…
  • Events: festivals, planning, creative industries and more…
  • Aviation: sustainability, safety & security, aviation management and more…

The books you see on the shelves at St. Peter’s or the Murray Libraries represent part of the collection. Many of our titles are available online. Where possible the library purchase ebooks because they increase accessibility for students both on campus and off campus.

What books have the library purchased recently?

The library have purchased a number of books for hospitality, events, aviation and tourism over the last year which you can view on our New Books lists: New Books (Recently added)

Academic journals & articles
(University of Sunderland collection)

Databases contain academic journal articles (and often other types of sources such as  industry reports and ebooks). University of Sunderland Library subscribes to the following subject databases.

Hospitality & Tourism Complete

Hospitality & Tourism Complete is a full-text database covering all areas of hospitality and tourism, including hospitality law, market trends, food and beverage management and hotel management“.

CABI Leisure Tourism 

CABI Leisure Tourism provides full text access to  over 13,000 journals articles as well as bibliographic records for lots of other journals (where you can read the abstract to decide whether a journal article would be useful before requesting an interlibrary loan).


Take a Look at our tutorial to get some tips on reading academic journal articles!

Clip art of man drinking coffee and an open laptop with text: reading academic journal articles'.

The Library also subscribes to a lot of other multidisciplinary databases which provide journals for lots of subjects,. The most effective way of searching is to use Library Search via the Library website so that you can search across all available sources, but if you choose to browse, you will find some of the important journals listed on the right.

Most journals are available online although some are also in print at St. Peter’s Library. Some will be specifically about tourism, others may be from related subjects (such as marketing, human resources etc).

Starting your search

Start your search at the library web page. Enter your title or keywords into the library search box and click the search icon. You will be taken to Library where you can review and filter your results.

Help Searching for journals and articles on Library Search

Where else can you find academic journal articles?

Although we recommend you begin your search on Discover via the library home page, you may wish to continue your search using some other resources.

Journal articles on Google Scholar

We recommend using Library Search on the Library web page initially but Google Scholar can be a great search tool for finding open access journal articles.

Google Scholar-search




What are open access articles?

Open access articles are freely available to view – sometimes journals themselves are entirely open access and sometimes the author has paid a charge to make their particular article open access. Some of the articles you find on Google Scholar may not necessarily be the published version, rather it may be the authors final version that they submitted before publisher logos etc. may not be added. In terms of content they will likely be the same.

What is the difference between Google Scholar and Library Search?

Library Search is searching and prioritising the resources we subscribe to and have paid for. Google Scholar may search wider resources and you get more results but you will have access to the same articles regardless of which tool you use. Google results will be organised in a different order and it is more likely that you will find articles where you cannot access the full text.

Keep in mind that when you use Google Scholar, you will only be able to access the full article if it is open access or it is included within Sunderland subscriptions.

Help using Google Scholar

Journal articles at public libraries (Access to Research)

Many public libraries opt-in to a scheme called Access to Research which gives access to academic research to members of the public – and students can benefit from this too.

What is access to research?
Access to Research gives free, walk-in access to over 10 million academic articles in participating public libraries across the UK. A lot of libraries in our region participate in the scheme including Sunderland City Library and Arts Centre, Gateshead Central Library, Newcastle City Library. Many others including branch libraries do too.

How to use Access to Research
Check if your local library participates in the scheme. You can do this on the Access to Research website. You’ll need to visit your public library and use their computers, but if you do you’ll have free access to many journals that you can use alongside our own subscriptions.

Industry & Market Research

Industry Reports on IBISWorld

IBISWorld provides industry intelligence that analyses the environment of over 400 UK industries using the five-digit level of the UK Standard Industrial Classification (UKSIC). Each industry report provides detailed performance data and analysis on the market, leading competitors, operating strengths and weaknesses, external drivers, major player market strategies, industry profit and cost structure benchmarks. Examples of relevant industry reports include:

  • Caravan & Camping Sites in the UK
  • Catering Services in the UK
  • Full-Service Restaurants in the UK
  • Hotels in the UK
  • Libraries, Museums & Cultural Activities in the UK
  • Party & Event Planners in the UK
  • Tour Operators in the UK

City travel briefings on Euromonitor Passport

Travel performance in key destinations with information on lodging, travel modes, travel flows, infrastructure and leading developments and activities. Recent City Travel Briefings include:

  • Tokyo (Apr 2020)
  • Berlin (Feb 2020)
  • Prague (Mar 2019)
  • Paris (Nov 2018)
  • London (Oct 2018)
  • Barcelona (Sep 2018)

Check Euromonitor Passport to view all City Travel Briefings.

Country Reports on Euromonitor Passport

Country Reports are briefings that provide analysis of market research on topics related to the tourism, hospitality and events industry in a specific country. Recent example from September 2020 include:

  • Tourism Flows in the United Kingdom (Sep 2020)
  • Travel in the United Kingdom (Sep 2020)
  • Lodging in the United Kingdom (Sep 2020)
  • Airlines in the United Kingdom

There are similar reports published recently for other countries such as France (2022), Spain (2022), Mexico (2022), Indonesia and Malaysia (2022)  to name a few.


Global Reports on market trends on Euromonitor Passport

Analysis of latest market trends and new product activity which examine the market from a global and regional perspective. Recent briefings include:

  • Evolution of Physical Space in Hospitality (June 2022)
  • Personalisation and the Rising Demand for Individual Experience (Mar 2022)
  • Climate Action in Travel and Tourism: Less Talk, More Action (Nov 2021)
  • The Impact of Coronavirus on Travel and Tourism (Sept 2020)
  • Future of Travel 2040 (June 2020)

Company information on Euromonitor Passport or Marketline Company Profiles

Company profiles detail the market position and financial performance of leading international companies. Profiles relevant to tourism include companies in the hotel, airline and travel intermediary industries. Recent company profile from Euromonitor Passport include…

  • Airbnb Inc
  • Marriott International Inc 
  • Ryanair
  • Expedia
Slide with text 'Market Research & Industry Reports' with graphic of girl at computer looking at charts
Watch Market Research/Industry database Video
Recent market research posts

Tourism Cases is a collection of case studies on tourism and hospitality written by practitioners and academics. Recent case studies include

  • The development of the Ninki Nanka Train, a responsible tourism initiative in The Gambia.
  • Digital tourist experiences along Vincent Van Gogh’s heritage locations.
  • Tourism and Local Community Engagement in Costa Rica

How to access CABI Case Studies

1. Go to the Database Search on the Library web page.

Library homepage database search

2. Click the link to the full text on Library Search.

Library search - link to CABI

3. A link to CABI Tourism is on the CABI Leisure Tourism database.

CABI database website

Global Newsstream from Proquest contains online full-text access to UK regional, national and broadsheet newspapers as well as many top international titles.

Coverage goes back as far as the 1980s for some publications but this varies by titles.  Access Newsstream via Library Search.

Other ideas on how to research the news can be found here.

Statistics & Data
National Statistics UK
 is the “official UK statistics site” from the Office of National Statistics including statistics on travel and tourism, the economy, the census, population, and links to statistics from government departments.
Visit Britain published many reports that provide statistics and data on many aspects of tourism in Britain such as inbound tourism, sector research, consumer behavior, business research, and more…

Passport (Euromonitor International)
Passport provides international market research. This database holds company profiles and statistics, monitors industry trends and provides data and strategic analysis on industries such as travel and tourism and consumer food service.


IBISWorld provides industry intelligence that analyses the environment of over 400 UK industries using the five-digit level of the UK Standard Industrial Classification (UKSIC).

Each industry report provides detailed performance data and analysis on the market, supply chain, operating strengths and weaknesses, external drivers, major player market strategies, industry profit and cost structure benchmarks.

Open Access Resources

European Travel Commission
Representing the National Tourism Organisations of the countries of Europe the ETC conduct research and publish reports that are available to download for free.

OECD iLibrary and OECD Tourism Papers
OECD “analyse and monitor policies and structural changes affecting the development of domestic and international tourism”.

Our World in Data

Our World in Data is an open access site with thousands of researchers reviewing and sharing “research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems” such as poverty, disease, hunger, climate change, war, existential risks, and inequality”.

UNESCO World Heritage
United Nations organization seeking to identify, protect and preserve cultural and natural heritage.

Visit Britain
Visit Britian is the national touism agency that produces reports and statistics on tourism in Britain

World Tourism Organization titles.

The World Tourism Organization makes quite a lot of their publications freely available to download.

We’ve gathered resources from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in one My Module Resources list. On this list you’ll find titles available in the library as well as resources that are freely available.

World Travel & Tourism Council
WTTC “publishes research in a number of other areas within the Travel & Tourism sector such as overcrowding, taxation, policy-making, and others”.

IATA Annual Reports (International Air Transport Association)
IATA publish annual reports which look at aspects of air travel including safety and security, and environment and sustainability.

Theses (PhDs, Prof Docs)

PhD theses can be useful sources of unpublished information. University of Sunderland theses are added to the Sunderland Repository. You may find theses from other universities via EThOS or PQDT Open.

SURE (Sunderland Repository)
Search research written by University of Sunderland staff.

EThOS (e-theses online service) –  from the British Library
EThOS is the UK’s national thesis service with approximately 400,000 records relating to theses awarded by over 120 institutions. Around 160,000 of these also provide access to the full text.

Proquest Dissertations and Theses
PQDT Open provides the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge where the author has opted to publish as open access. This includes international Universities

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is an on-demand TV & Radio streaming service for education and research. It contains over 2 million broadcasts from over 65 free-to-air channels including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and more. View a complete list of channels.

BoB offers transcripts, which would be helpful for accessibility, language comprehension, quoting for essays, as well as scriptwriting. Transcripts are fully searchable by keyword

Person wearing headphones watching video content on a laptop

So what types of things can you find on BoB?

BoB is great for documentaries that would have been aired on TV and radio shows. Some examples include:

There are many public playlists, many curated by academic staff at UK Universities.

Our own Serkan Uzunogullari has curated a playlist on BoB about Hospitality in the Movies:

Tourism On Screen
(a teaching resource)
artwork depicting a map with footprints on

This teaching resource by Professor David Martin-Jones, Professor of Film Studies, University of Glasgow, uses clips, quotes and questions around the issues if heritage, diaspora, the environment and city branding.