Off Campus – Partner Staff Access to e-resources

Partner Staff Access to E-resources

Below you will find information on how to make the most of your University of Sunderland Library Resources Access for Partner Staff. Find out what resources are included within your account how to access them and how library staff at Sunderland can support you.

Library News for Collaborative Partners

Read our Newsletter for University of Sunderland Library updates that are relevant to you and your students.

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How to access

You have been given a University of Sunderland User ID and password which enables you to access Sunderland e-resources (where licences allow). Your partner staff account does have some differences from student accounts and due to licence restrictions some areas of the library and some e-resources will be unavailable to you.  Watch our welcome video below to learn more about what you have access to and how to get started:

Click to view in the Panopto player to view this video with captions.

Search for and access ebooks

All University of Sunderland ebooks are accessed via the Library Catalogue.

To begin, go to the University of Sunderland Library web page and enter your search terms (this could be keywords, a title or an authors name). Choose the ‘Books and eBooks button and click on the search icon. Make sure that you use the refining options on the left of the results to refine to view ebooks only.

Click here to watch the ‘Searching for and reading ebooks‘ screencast.

Searching for journal articles or demonstrating library resources to students

Use the following guidance if you wish to search for journal articles and see what is available or if you are demonstrating use of journal articles to students.

Start your search at the University of Sunderland Library webpage. If you choose ‘Journal Articles’ and type your search terms you will be prompted to log in with your University User ID and password and be taken to ‘Discover’ – our system for searching journals.

Once you’re on Discover, you can conduct searches, browse results and see what is available. If an abstract is available for articles you wish to view you will be able to see it along with other bibliographic information. You will see links to full text which may look like one of the following:

Screenshots of full text links on Discover






You may be able to access the full text via these links, especially where the pdf is embedded. If you experience any problems accessing the full text the explanation is likely to be either:

  1. you are being prompted to login to an external provider using the EZProxy server. When you click on the green ‘Available’ link, you are taken to an external database to access the full text. If the database is authenticated using the EZProxy server you will not be able to access the full text via this method because partner tutors cannot access EZProxy. If this is the case you should follow the instructions on accessing the full text directly from the database provider (below). Make sure you make a note of the bibliographic details of the journal article you wish to access.
  2. the article you wish to view is not included within the partner staff resources. Due to licences only a subset of resources are accessible by partner staff.

Access the full text directly from the database provider

image: Science Direct Database loginThis method is best if you know exactly what you are looking for. If you’re not sure what you are looking for you may wish to search Discover (as described above) to identify journal articles and to obtain their reference details. It is a good idea to have the following details of the journal articles you want to find before continuing with the steps below:

  • Name of the database the journal article is on
  • Title of the article
  • Title of the journal
  • Date of publication and volume/issue information

Once you are ready to access the full text…

  1. Check whether the database you wish to search is included within the partner staff access (the list is in the ‘What Resources are Available’ tab.
  2. Follow the direct link to the database web page
  3. Look for an institutional login, academic login or shibboleth login:
  4. Browse for the University of Sunderland and find the University of Sunderland Single Sign-on page.
  5. Log in. You should be transferred back to the database where you can begin to search.

My Module Resources (Online Reading Lists)

My Module Resources is the online version of module reading lists with direct links to the resources. There is a link to My Module Resources on the Library web page.

Partner staff will be able to access many of the online resources that are on lists including ebooks and journal articles. You may find however, that some journal article links do not work for you as a member of partner staff. This will either be because

  1. you are being prompted to login to an external provider using the EZProxy server. Permalinks to Discover are generated using the Sunderland proxy server EZProxy as the method of authentication. As partner staff cannot login via EZProxy, these links will not work for you (they will work for students).  If this is the case you should follow the instructions on accessing the full text directly from the database provider (above).
  2. the article you wish to view is not included within the partner staff resources. Due to licences only a subset of resources are accessible by partner staff.

What resources are available?

Teaching staff and librarians at partner colleges have access to the following subset of e-resources, where licences allow:

ACM Digital Library
ACS Publications
Cite them Right Online
Ebooks (via the Library Catalogue)
EBSCO Databases
Euromonitor Passport
Journal Citation Reports
Science Direct

Remember to log in to databases via an ‘Institutional Login‘, ‘Academic Login‘ or ‘Shibboleth‘.


We’ve answered the most common questions from partner staff below. If you cannot see an answer to your question, please contact us 

Can I access ebooks?

Yes, we reviewed our licences in March 2018 and have updated the resources available to partner staff. You can now access ebooks in the same way that students would, via the search box on the Library web page.  Watch our ebook screencast for a demonstration or download or ebooks pdf guide.

I cannot login with my User ID and password?

You may wish to contact University IT to check your User ID or to have your password reset. You can contact them by telephone (+44 (0) 191 5153333) or by making a request on ‘My IT Portal‘.

My User ID and password are correct but I still cannot access Sunderland e-resources...

There could be a number of reasons which are explained in more detail below:

You are using a method that requires EZProxy  (for students and staff employed by the University only)
Image: screenshot of library web page

Click image to expand

Some access methods to Sunderland e-resources are for students only. This is because the link uses a proxy server and we do this to make the experience for students much easier when they are off campus. It does mean these methods are not available to partner staff – if you have tried accessing resources through the ‘Journal Titles’ or ‘Database A-Z’ links on the library web page, you will find that that pages do not load for you. You may also just see a white page with an error message.

Please ensure that you use one of the following methods to access e-resources:

  • via the search box on the library web page
  • by logging directly into an individual database
You are logging into a database using an incorrect login option

If you are experiencing an issue logging directly into a database it may be that you are entering your login details to an incorrect login box. Most databases have multiple login options for their range of customers. The most prominent one is usually for individual subscribers. University of Sunderland students, staff and partner staff should always look for an ‘Institutional’, ‘Academic’ or ‘Shibboleth’ login. This will enable them to find the University of Sunderland single sign-on page and log in with the University User ID and password.

Visit ‘Tips for logging into e-resources’ for more information and guidance.

You are trying to access a resource that is not included within the partner staff permissions

Partner staff have access to a subset of resources where licences allow. This means that when you search you may find the abstract or details of a journal article, but the full text may not be available to you. If you started your search on the library web page, it is likley the reaosn for this is that the article you have found is on a database that is not available to partner staff.

You are trying to access a resource that is not included within the Sunderland subscriptions

Students, University of Sunderland staff and partner staff will only be able to access the full text of an article when it is within our subscriptions. If you are logged in correctly, and neither you nor your students can see an article it must be in a journal that we do not subscribe to. Students can use the document delivery service to obtain journal articles when they are not available online.

If you are are still  unsure why a resource may not be available please contact library staff at the University of Sunderland: 

Training for partner staff

University of Sunderland Library Staff are here to support our partner staff in a number of ways:

Online training on Sunderland library e-resources

Contact the Distance Services Librarian to arrange online training  on using Sunderland e-resources. We can provide group or one-to-one training and can use Skype or Google Hangouts to run these sessions.

Guides and videos about using library e-resources

Visit the Study Skills library web pages to access the full range of guides and support.

Supporting Students

TNE library support model

Download the TNE Library Support Model

PDF: TNE Library Support Model

University of Sunderland Library staff are here to support students at your institution who are studying on Sunderland programmes.

  • participate in student induction (for example using Skype);
  • provide libray induction materials including videos and powerpoint slides)
  • provide library skills sessions to students online that are tailored to specific programmes
  • 24/7 help via LiveChat

Visit the Library web page for partner staff for more information about this and the other ways we can support your teaching.

Students at the University of Sunderland have full electronic access to the library and a range of dedicated support services. Check the web pages for distance learning students for more information.

If you have not yet applied for access to University of Sunderland e-resources access, please click here to find out how you may do so.