Subject – Business key resources

Key Resources for Business

There are many different resources available to help you with your wider reading and research. You’ll find some essential resources to explore for Business and Management subjects in the sections below.

If you want to find the best academic resources for research and evidence to inform your practice, this page is a great place to start. Use these resources alongside your recommended reading from your tutors to extend your research into new areas.

Books & eBooks

Books and eBooks in the Library collection not only reflect the titles on your Library Reading Lists but also offer titles for background and wider reading. The majority of the books you’ll need for Business and Management subject (accountancy, economics, financial management, human resources management, marketing etc.) can be found at St. Peter’s Library

All books and eBooks available in our library collection are available on Library Search.

What new books and eBooks has the library bought recently?

The library have purchased a number of books for business subjects over the last year which you can view on our New Books List.

Find print books at St. Peter’s Library

Accessing eBooks

Academic journals and articles

Databases contain academic journal articles (and often other types of sources such as  industry reports and eBooks). University of Sunderland Library subscribes to a subject database called Business Source Complete.

Business Source Complete

An international database covering all areas of business and management including accounting, banking, business information systems, economics, finance, international business, marketing, sales, trade and technology. Access to thousands of full-text journals is provided, including over 1000 peer-reviewed titles, as well as summaries for hundred’s of additional titles with links to the full-text where available. Also includes company profiles, country reports, industry profiles, trade publications and weekly magazines


The Library also subscribes to a lot of other multidisciplinary databases which provide journals for lots of subjects. The most effective way of searching is to use Library Search via the Library website so that you can search across all available sources.

Starting your search

Start your search at the library web page. Enter your title or keywords into the search box.  You will be taken to Library Search where you can review and filter your results.

To access any of our online journals you need to be logged on with your University of Sunderland login details. This ensures that you are accessing the journal through our subscription.

Alternatively if you know the title of the Journal you would like to search for select the ‘Journal Titles’ option from the library web page. It is easier to start at our website and follow a link from there to the journal or specific article but sometimes you will need to log in once you are on the publisher’s website.

Search for academic journal articles

      • The “Search for and Access Academic Journal Articles ” video explains how to access our eJournal collections. By using ‘Library Search’ you will discover a huge number of journal articles and other resources relevant to your studies and research in these key journals and beyond.

Company information

The Library provides access to a range of sources related to company information. It can be difficult to decide which databases or web sites you might want to use and it will be dependent on the question you are trying to answer.

Company information resources can help you compare companies across industries, financial or employee criteria and research individual companies of interest.

Information about companies can be found mainly on the following four databases that the University of Sunderland Library subscribes to:

Company profiles detail the market position and financial performance of leading international companies.

Business Source Complete provides overview Company Information and a collection of Company and Industry Profiles.

International company profiles are provided by MarketLine.

Company information reported in the local, national and global press can be searched on Global Newsstream

Help using  Euromonitor Passport

          • Passport User Guide (pdf)
          • Find market research and more, using Euromonitor Passport [*NEW Video tutorial- coming soon*]

Help using Marketline

          • Find company information using MarketLine [*NEW Video tutorial- coming soon*]

Market Research

You don’t need to be a student studying business-related subjects to find market research useful. For example, you might want information related to

          • Consumer choices and beliefs.
          • Spending habits.
          • Profits generated in certain industries.
          • Major competitors, companies and brands in an industry.

And many more…..

What is Euromonitor Passport?

An online business information system providing business intelligence on countries, consumers and industries

Euromonitor Passport (which also goes under the names Euromonitor International Market Research Monitor) offers statistics, analysis and reports on global markets, economies and consumers. It will be useful for anyone looking to find information on industries or particular companies, particular countries or regions, economic trends or consumer behaviour.

What information does it cover?

We subscribe to research data strands that cover industries, economies, business landscape and finance. Market research data that analysts at Euromonitor have collated including consumer lifestyle reports, future demographics, country profiles, updates on consumer and industry trends, company information, market sizes and economic indicators.
Passport covers more than 200 countries and regions, with a global outlook.

Data sets are provided in a  range of formats, from excel tables to reports and analysis, and are exportable and available in charts and graphs, analysis and visual figures known  as “dashboards” that provide quick access to info about selected markets.

How do I access Euromonitor Passport?

Access from the link in Library Search.  Remember to log in with your University of Sunderland log-in.

See Euromonitor Passport in action [Video Tutorial]

  • Find market research and more, using Euromonitor Passport [*NEW Video tutorial- coming soon*]

Passport provide some excellent videos that will show you how to build effective searches, understand and manipulate your results lists and generate reports using the dashboards.

Industry Reports on IBISWorld

IBISWorld provides industry intelligence that analyses the environment of over 400 UK industries using the five-digit level of the UK Standard Industrial Classification (UKSIC). Each industry report provides detailed performance data and analysis on the market, leading competitors, operating strengths and weaknesses, external drivers, major player market strategies, industry profit and cost structure benchmarks.

Help using IBISWorld

          • Find industry research and more, using IBISWorld [*NEW Video tutorial- coming soon*]

Industry Insider

More articles and information via this external blog from IBISWorld, including articles on applying industry research.

Harvard Business School Select Case Study Collection

Did you know the University of Sunderland Library subscribes to more than 2,000 Harvard Business School case studies?

The HBS case studies collection:
• are curated by editors from Harvard Business Publishing
• are built around themes that are essential knowledge in today’s business context.
• provide immersive real-world scenarios and commentary to help students examine issues related to the dynamics of business and society, navigating
changing workplaces, and managing teams, personal decisions, and career growth

Access the HBS case studies collection from the link in Library Search

Remember to log in with your University of Sunderland username and password.


Newspapers can be useful as both primary and secondary sources of information. As well as providing commentary on events, such as  a company posting their financial returns or launching a new product, newspaper articles can provide insight on how an event or incident was reported in the media.  Newspapers can also be a good source of current awareness to find out what is happening in a particular industry or market, not just in the UK, but  around the globe.

Global Newsstream – Gives access to many contemporary news sources from around the world.

Leah, one of our Academic Liaison Librarians, has created a 10-minute video tutorial which walks you through how to access Global Newsstream from anywhere you have internet access. There’s a bit at the end that covers how to include a newspaper article in your essay’s bibliography.

Please note – How we access Global Newssstream has changed since Leah created this video, so at 50 seconds into the video when she advises you to use the ‘Databases A-Z’ use this link instead – restart the video from 1 minute 10 seconds to learn how to use this resource.

Statistics & Data

UK Data Service 

The UK Data Service provides access to a large collection of business microdata. This is provided by the Office of National Statistics. This includes:

Annual Respondents Database which provides productivity data for manufacturing, retail, catering, construction, property, motoring and wholesale firms. The dataset contains over a thousand variables.

Annual Survey of hours and earnings (ASHE) is a survey of employees’ hours of work and wages collected from companies in GB. This replace the new earnings survey in 2002.

Business Structure Database (BSD) provides information on organisations who have registered for VAT or pay at least one member of staff through the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax system, will appear on this register. Therefore it is a very comprehensive source about business organisations in the UK.

UK Innovation Survey collects data from organisations, designed to capture advances in innovative activity. This includes innovations in: production; new goods and services; markets in which businesses operate.

National Statistics UK

You can find statistics on the following themes:
• Agriculture and Environment.
• Business and Energy.
• Children, Education and Skills.
• Crime and Justice.
• Economy.
• Government.
• Health and Social Care.
• Labour Market.
• People and Places.
• Population.
• Travel and Transport.

HM Treasury

HM Treasury releases a large range of statistics including:
Forecasts for the UK Economy
Weekly Economic Indicators
Statistics on Public Spending and Finance
Gross Domestic Product deflators

Euromonitor Passport

Euromonitor Passport provides international market research. This database holds company profiles and statistics, monitors consumer trends and provides strategic analysis on industries such as consumer electronics, food & drinks, clothing & footwear and travel.


IBISWorld provides industry intelligence that analyses the environment of over 400 UK industries using the five-digit level of the UK Standard Industrial Classification (UKSIC).

Each industry report provides detailed performance data and analysis on the market, supply chain, operating strengths and weaknesses, external drivers, major player market strategies, industry profit and cost structure benchmarks.

British Standards Online:

BSOL (British Standards Online) is the premier site for all publications from the British Standards Institution. The site contains over 35,000 documents covering specifications for products, dimensions, and performance, Codes of Practice and guides. BSOL includes an index of world standards and the full text of all British Standards.

Useful Websites

A lot of information is freely available online from the websites of professional associations, government departments, and research bodies. This includes research reports, professional practice, and current news. Some of the authoritative sources of online information for your subject are listed below.

Useful business websites

Person wearing headphones watching video content on a laptop

BoB homepage

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is an on-demand TV & Radio streaming service for education and research. It contains over 2 million broadcasts from over 65 free-to-air channels including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and more.  You can find a complete list of channels here.

As well as giving stable, legal access to broadcast content, BoB offers some exciting features for teaching and learning.

          • Links to broadcasts or clips can be embedded into presentations, or embedded into Canvas.
          • Advanced search: It’s possible to search BoB by subject or program as well as by date e.g. it’s possible to see everything broadcast from a date in time.
          • Clips and notes: You can use slider bars on a broadcast to create clips and write annotations on those clips. It’s possible to put these clips into a compilation. No extra software is needed.
          • Playlists: Tutors can create playlists, with annotations, and make these available publicly, to a cohort, or keep them private in a workspace. There are over 80,000 publicly available playlists, and it’s possible to search these by curator, keyword, or institution. Playlists can include programmes, individual broadcasts, clips or clip compilations
          • Transcripts: BoB also offers transcripts, which would be helpful for accessibility, language comprehension, and quoting for essays. Transcripts are fully searchable by keyword

You need to log in with your university ID and password, and then enter your email address and name (one time only) to create an account within BoB. It should work in all internet browsers, but Chrome seems to be working the best at the moment. Due to licensing restrictions, BoB can only be used in the United Kingdom.

Theses (PhDs, Prof Docs)

PhD theses can be useful sources of unpublished information. University of Sunderland theses are added to the Sunderland Repository. You may find theses from other universities via EThOS or PQDT Open.

SURE (Sunderland Repository)
Search research written by University of Sunderland staff.

EThOS (e-theses online service) –  from the British Library
EThOS is the UK’s national thesis service with approximately 400,000 records relating to theses awarded by over 120 institutions. Around 160,000 of these also provide access to the full text.

PQDT Open provides the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge where the author has opted to publish as open access. This includes international Universities