Law Trove

Law Trove provides book access to over 200 law textbooks published by Oxford University Press. In addition to books and book chapters, you can also find additional subject resources, revision guides and essential cases.

At the end of each chapter on Law Trove, you will find additional resources, including self-test questions, guidance on answering exam questions and flashcard glossaries all to help you check

[Image: Stack of Law Books]your understanding of the topic.

To view the content from Law Trove, visit the library homepage, search for Law Trove via Database Search, and then click view online.

You can also access Law Trove directly via their website, where you can log in using the ‘Sign in via your institution’ button on the left-hand side of the Law Trove homepage.

If you need any further help with accessing Law Trove or any of our other databases, please get in touch via Library Chat or email at

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