New Tourism & Hospitality Case Studies (Added Dec 2022)

Five new case studies were published by CABI in December 2022. They cover subjects such as social justice in the hospitality industry, hospitality micro-entrepreneurs and sustainability education through marketing national parks in the United States.

Case studies are great sources to include in your assignments. There are now currently 138 case studies on topics such as heritage and culture, sustainability, social equity, destination planning, marketing and technology.

Smokey bear sign at Yellowstone National park with a sign that says prevent forest firesSustainability Education via Marketing in America’s National Parks: A Case Study Utilizing Smokey Bear to Create a New Educational Strategy and Symbol

Sydney Pons, (Penn State University, USA) Dr. Melvin Weber (East Carolina University, USA)

Faced with increasing international and domestic visitors Yellowstone National Park faces sustainability challenges and used a marketing figurehead to educate community members and tourists on sustainable practices.

HotelSocial Justice in the Hospitality Industry – Better Pay Equals Better Employees and a Better Hotel

Author: Rachel Dodds (Toronto Metropolitan University)

This case study looks at the steps one hotel in Western Canada took to improve sustainability and address a labour shortage. This should be of particular interest to students studying sustainability or interested in human resource management.

a street vendor cooking in a wokSuccessful hospitality micro-entrepreneurs in Bandung, Indonesia

Taufik Abdullah, Neil Carr, Craig Lee (University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand)

One for students interested in Gastronomy & hospitality – this case study “investigates factors that contribute to the success of street food vendors” in Indonesia.



We’ve linked to the individual case studies above but you can go directly to the CABI Tourism Cases homepage to view all case studies.








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