New CABI Case Studies (events, social equity and gastronomy)

We recently subscribed to CABI Tourism Cases. Throughout November 6 new case studies have been published and one of those will be of interest to events management students and anyone looking at innovation, one will be of interest to gastronomy students, and another will be of interest to students looking at the sharing economy or interested in corporate social responsibility.

There are currently 128 case studies on topics such as heritage and culture, sustainability, social equity, destination planning, marketing and technology.

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Innovation and change in the event industry

Authors: Lequeu Marie-Solène, Théo Reubeuze, David Ward-Perki

In this case study two students at Skema Business School in France interviewed four industry experts about the trends and drivers of innovation and change.

A case study of Airbnb is presented to discuss the challenges of corporate social responsibility and becoming more inclusive within the sharing economy.

This case study looks at small businesses and community initiatives that have led to Ards and North Down, a region in Northern Ireland becoming and emerging food destination.

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