New eBook collections: LWW Health Library and AccessMedicine

In addition to ClinicalKey Student, we now have these two additional collections. You can find all of the eBooks in the collections using Library Search, but you might also like to use the search facilities and the videos, images, cases and self-assessment questions in the online platform itself.

Below are the links to access the collections directly on the platform, and a little more detail on both collections.


About Access Medicine

  • Number of eBooks: approx. 215*
  • Self-Assessment questions? Yes
  • Cases? Yes

The key element to this set of texts is that it contains titles on clinical specialties. It also covers underpinning science and clinical medicine. As well as eBooks, videos and images there are a range of cases, self-assessment questions and flash cards available. This set of texts is good for everyone, and Phase 2 students may particularly enjoy the clinical specialties this collection covers.

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LWW Health Library – Medical Education Collection

About LWW Health Library

  • Number of eBooks: approx. 48*
  • Self-Assessment questions? Yes
  • Cases? Yes

This collection focuses on the science behind medicine and includes key texts on Anatomy such as “Grant’s Dissector” and “Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy”, as well as other key texts on a range of bio-sciences including: Medical Biochemistry, Histology, Pathology, Neuroanatomy and Immunology. Cases and self-assessment questions are a key feature of this collection. Videos and images are also available. This collection is useful for all, and Phase 1 students are likely to find it’s range of bioscience-based texts very useful.


*the number of eBooks fluctuates slightly as new editions and titles are added and older texts and editions are removed

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