Qualtrics Basics

You might be asked to use Qualtrics as part of your course, especially if you are undertaking a survey for your dissertation. Qualtrics is a tool that helps you build online surveys and gather the results. Below is a starter guide which includes the link to Qualtrics, links to help pages, a how-to video and a starters guide.

Help from the ITS webpages:

The link to Qualtrics and help videos from Qualtrics can be found here on the ITS pages: Learn about Online Surveys & Qualtrics (sharepoint.com)

Links to the help pages from Qualtrics will also be useful, and there is a list of links on the University of Sunderland LinkedIn pages: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/paths/university-of-sunderland-qualtrics-support-pages-video-guides?u=830751542

Alternatively, this is a really nice beginners video on how to use Qualtrics (the login bit at the beginning is for another university, for our link visit the first link at the top of this page)


Below is a guide to help you get started creating your survey