Cite Them Right Online update

Cite Them Right relaunched their service on 27th June!

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The same great information about how to reference all types of information is still available but the site does look quite a bit different now. Below we’re highlighting some of the features:

The Basics of Referencing

This section includes articles explaining referencing – what it is, why you need to do it and answering some common questions. It also includes articles on plagiarism and how to avoid it. This is information all students should know so we recommend you look through this section.

cite them right menu

Choose your referencing style

The new menu includes the option to choose the referencing style straight away. Each referencing style has it’s own index of sources. In most cases students should use Harvard but there are some exceptions such as law subjects. The referencing style you will be asked to use in your assignments will be stated in your module guide.

You can search for specific sources

If you’re not sure what category a source you are using is under you can do a search. When you find the page for your source you will see an option to choose the referencing style you need.

You try

Alongside examples of what citations and an an entry in a reference list would look like, Cite Them Right Online provides a ‘You try’ section which is where you can practice doing a reference. You can copy the reference you create into your own assignment or you can email it to yourself. Using this feature is a great way to ensure your references are spot on.

Cite Them Right Tutorial

The tutorial includes short self-contained topics – so if you know you need support with a particular issue you can choose to focus on that. The tutorial includes some interactivity to so you can test your own knowledge.


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