New resource trial: LWW Health Library

The library has temporary access to LWW Health Library from 21st March to 20th April 2022.

Help us decide whether to purchase for you by trying the resource and then giving us feedback in using this short, online feedback form.

The Medical Education landing page – the other packages have the same options

LWW Health Library is a collection of eBooks and videos and on the subjects of to medicine, pharmacy and other health sciences. Our trial includes:

  • Medical Education
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

Each package also includes 1000s of Self-Assessment questions and a range of Clinical Cases to try


Images from the Anatomy section in LWW Health Library

Using LWW Health Library 

Choose your clinical area/specialty from the list and then use the search box to search all the books in that category. It searches the full text of the book, so searches will find sections within books.




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Tell us what you think

We are asking for feedback on LWW Health Library to build a case for buying these packages. Complete our feedback form to let us know what you think





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