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Resources for Film Tourism

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Earlier this week we posted about a new UNWTO/Netflix report about screen tourism. If this is a topic you’re interested in there are many potential sources than can be used when researching film/movie/screen tourism. Below are some ideas:

Books and ebooks

Using Library Search from the Library web page you can look for ebooks on your topic. Keyword searches  for ‘film tourism’, ‘screen tourism’ or ”move tourism’ retrieve several book titles that are available to read online.

Routledge handbook of polular culture and tourism by Ziakas, V. and Lundberg, C. (2018)

This title has a number of chapters on this topic inlcuding:

  • Chapter 6: Popular culture tourism: films and tourist demand
  • Chapter 7: Film tourism in the golden age of television
  • Chapter 35: Growing competition for screen tourists activates new destination marketing tactics

Journal articles

You’ll find a lot of journal articles related to film tourism and media tourism on Library Search. Give some thoughts to what keywords you could use.

Ina Reichenberger (2018) ‘Film-Induced Tourism’, Journal of Tourism Futures, 4(1), pp. 107–108

O’Boyle N (2019). Place, Peripherality, and Play: Reflections on Film Tourism in IrelandJournal of Popular Culture. 52(6):1355-1371

Potočnik-Topler Jasna and Špenko Tjaša (2019) ‘Film tourism as a tool of tourism development: The Representation of Scotland in the Outlander TV series’, TIMS: Acta, 13(2), pp. 79–88

Open Access Resources

You can often find statistics and analysis in reportes published freely online by professional organisations.

Film and TV locations as a driver of Tourism (2018)

Report available as a pdf via Visit Britain.

Quantifying Film & Television Tourism in England: Report for Creative England in association with VisitEngland by Olsberg•SPI (2015)

Full report available as a pdf via Creative England

The Outlander Effect & Tourism by  Visit Scotland (2020)

Report available via the Visit Scotland web page.

Find more books and journal articles on Library Search

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