New resources on Event Planning in Cities – Subject Spotlight

I’ve collated a few examples of some of the research published recently on event planning in cities. I wanted to highlight some examples of new books we’ve bought on this subject, how to find relevant chapters in more general books and new research that has been published in journal articles.

Event planning in cities is quite a targeted subject and there are not as many books published specifically about it as other subjects – however there are a lot of books about event planning / event management generally, and many of those have chapters which focus on events in cities.

Remember – these are just some examples – you’ll find more when you use Library Search.

New ebook

Book cover:planning and managing smaller events

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Tip: Make sure you check the contents of more general books to find relevant chapters – there is often a contents list available directly from the Library Catalogue record of a book.

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Chapters in recent events titles

book cover: Events tourism- critical insights

Events tourism: critical insights and contemporary perspectives by Coetzee, W; Bakas, F; Cuffy, V. (2020)

Chapter 11 of this title is called ‘City rebranding, social discontent and bidding for cultural events’

Book covers - Event stakeholders

Event stakeholders: theory and methods for event management and tourism by Getz, D; Van Niekerk, M. (2019)

Chapter 6 of this title is called ‘Stakeholder considerations for residents, communities and cities‘.

book cover: Routledge handbook of events

The Routledge handbook of events by Page, S; Connell, J. (2020)

This title has 3 chapters that focus on events in cities:

Chapter 15: Urban studies and the Eventful City
Chapter 31: Faces, Spaces and Places: Social and Cultural Impacts of Street Festivals in Cosmopolitan Cities
Chapter  32: Events, cities and the night-time economy

Book cover: Event Portfolio Management

Event portfolio management: theory and methods for event management and tourism by Antchak, V; Getz, D; Ziakas, V. (2019) by Page, S; Connell, J. (2020)

This title has 2 chapters that focus on events in cities:

Chapter 2: Cities and Events: Introducing Event Portfolios
Chapter 12: International Comparison of Festival and Event Cities and their Portfolios

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