Exciting new project – the Internet of Musical Events

conductor, orchestra, music

This exciting project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, with the full title being “The Internet of Musical Events: Digital Scholarship, Community and the Archiving of Performances.” For ease, it will be known as InterMusE.

The project web site describes the project’s purpose:

Live musical events play a vital role in community life across the globe, yet their very ‘liveness’ means they often leave only faint traces on the historical record, even in modern times. While musicologists have used some types of concert ephemera to capture the nature and identity of musical events, sources are regarded as ephemeral and can be tantalisingly incomplete, confusingly inconsistent, and often scattered between different archives and collections…. InterMusE is a two-year project that will enable new ways of capturing and, crucially, linking different forms of data around musical events to form a dynamic, open-access digital archive.” (InterMusE)



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