Online photography exhibition – Being inbetween

Photography (image)Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Carolyn Mendelsohn has worked with girls aged 10-12, often described as ‘tweens’ and created an exhibition called ‘Being Inbetween‘. Through photography Mendelsohn has encouraged a dialogue with the girls about their aspirations, ambitions, fears and hopes.

This is a touring exhibition, one of so many that has been impacted by the recent lockdown, so you can explore it instead through an interactive virtual experience created by V21 Artspace.

The Impressions Gallery web page on this exhibition includes a selection of photographs in the exhibition, information about this artist, and a short video in which Carolyn talks about her work in this exhibition.

Next time you’re in the library you can read the accompanying publication ‘Being inbetween‘ by Carolyn Mendelsohn.

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