Creative Lives talks: 16th March – Jenny McNamara and Evie Cromwell

Our School of Art and Design Creative Lives talks offer many examples of how creative professionals live, work and thrive in the arts and creative industries. You will gain an insight into the creative process and career routes through a series of talks from local and nationally-renowned practitioners at different career stages, many of whom are University of Sunderland alumni. You’ll hear from artists, designers, makers, photographers, curators, filmmakers, and much more.

These workshops are open to all students in the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, and the general public. There’s no need to book individual places, just come along on the day.

Jenny McNamara

Tuesday 16th March – Jenny McNamara and Evie Cromwell

Eve Cromwell sees art making as an exercise in design. Fictioning utopian futures and speculating how that could change the look of our everyday surroundings. The work then aims to tell these fictions using the right materials. More recently Eve has become interested in furniture and interior design, these are currently separate practices with the hopes to merge the two, what will our future homes look like?

Jenny McNamara is a visual artist from Dublin and based in Newcastle. Her practice focuses on visual perception, pattern and how we see and understand imagery. The sculptures she makes are pattern machines – experimentation between surface, space and colour.

The Spaghetti Factory consists of Eve Cromwell and Jenny Mc Namara and sometimes other people they collaborate with. The project takes an experimental approach to space. It started in a house in Central Newcastle in April 2018 as a series of eight solo show (one night only) exhibitions.

The Spaghetti Factory has now expanded across the North East to include guest curation, workshops and collaborative programming. It now takes a satellite model, working alongside other artists and art spaces as a grassroots project driven by artist support networks. It aims to work with artists at the start of their practice and show a range of exciting experimental work.

The Spaghetti Factory is working with Sunderland Culture/Sunderland Museum to programme three exhibitions and is part of the 2019/2020 NewBridge Project Programme Committee.

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More details about the artist and the rest of the 10 week programme of speakers and dates are available online.

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