Hello to our new art and design PhD students

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New research students often say questions like ‘how do I get started with my PhD’, ‘how do I go about my literature review’ and much more.

We have an excellent collection of books in the University Library to help you with this.

  • Check out our list of recommended resources to help with your writing activities.
  • In his welcome to our new PhD students in the Faculty of Arts & Creative Industries, Kevin Petrie (Head of School ofArt and Design) recommended Rugg (2010) The unwritten rules of PhD research
  • In the same session Beryl Graham (Professor of New Media Art) recommended Estelle Phillips’ book How to get a PhD.
  • Both of these books are available as ebooks – consult our FAQs if you need any help accessing ebooks or chat with us on Library Talk.

If you’d like to get started with using the University Library, apply for a Research Buddy today. We can match you up with one of our Academic Liaison Librarian team to:

  • have an informal chat about your research with one of our librarians.
  • have a refresher on what research support the library can offer.
  • get expert advice on advanced literature searching.
  • gain advice on keeping up to date with research in your field.

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