Ed Ruscha – library special collections

The University Library has great art resources for students and staff to explore and enrich their studies and research, and includes some hidden treasures!

Carol McKay (Team Leader for our arts programmes) and Suzie Williams (Academic Liaison Librarian for arts, design and performing arts) have been surfacing some of these collections and sharing these delights with our fine art and photography students. We wanted to share these more widely with the rest of the university through this blog post.

The Library has a collection of Ed Ruscha’s artists books – this video gives valuable insight into this books and how important they are.

The video was filmed during the Covid pandemic so there are references to social distancing, but it is a really useful visual resource which highlights some of our lovely art resources.

You can also access a project where Ruscha is working with the Getty Institute to make their collection of his photobooks accessible to you in an online format. Go to their web site and explore his images of Sunset Boulevard.


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