Market Research Guide

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Market research skills look great on your CV.

You might need to use market research for an essay or assignment, to prepare for an interview, or later in your career to prepare a social media campaign or to expand a business into a new product, service or territory. Market research can involve finding information on major companies who provide a similar product, consumers, sales, technology, and other relevant aspects of the business landscape. The University of Sunderland library has 3 different databases which will help you with your market and industry research.


IBISWorld provides industry intelligence that analyses the environment of over 400 UK industries. Each industry report provides detailed performance data and analysis on the market, supply chain, operating strengths and weaknesses, external drivers, major player market strategies, industry profit and cost structure benchmarks.

This 6 minute video shows you how to find IBISWorld from the library’s home page, search for an industry report, and demonstrates what type of information is found in each report.

Euromonitor Passport

Euromonitor Passport has worldwide, comparative information on different industries and companies, as well as a strong focus on consumers and global market trends.

This 4 minute video will help you find, log into and search Euromonitor Passport from wherever you are in the world.

Company Research using Marketline

You might also be interested in understanding more about a specific company, again either for an essay or to prepare yourself for an interview. The library subscribes to Marketline company profiles, which covers some of the largest companies worldwide. You might not find smaller companies but large ones such as L’Oreal, Asos, and Apple Computer will be included. You can also find company information via the company’s own websites and a bit of internet searching, as well as newspaper research, but the main advantages of Marketline is that the reports are written and fact-checked by an established third party and the essentials are all in one place.

This 6 minute video shows you how to find Marketline from the library’s home page and get started accessing all the great company info.

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