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Hospitality, Events, Aviation and Tourism

“Critical appraisal of up-to-date and/or appropriate literature. Recognition of different perspectives. Very good use of source material. Uses a range of sources”

The above statement is an example criterion from assessment criteria. Finding and using a range of relevant sources can help you write really great assignments and can lead to better marks. There’s a lot of guidance online about how to search for the sources you need. In this post we’ve compiled some useful links to help you get started.

Key Resources for Hospitality, Events, Aviation and Tourism

The Key Resources Page includes information and guidance about finding lots of different types of sources – ranging from the usual books and journals to newspapers and videos.  Check this page regularly to help you identify the source that will be most useful to you.

Videos and screencasts to help you use the Library

We’ve also made some guides to help you with accessing the range of resources in the library: Help finding e-resources

Photo: reading a book

Useful web links

Library home page
Search for sources such as ebook and journal articles and contact the Library if you need help.

Key Resources for HEAT
Learn more about the range of sources that you can access and use in your assignments.

Study Skills Support
Guides and videos, one-to-one support from a Study Skills Adviser and Online Study Skills Drop-ins.

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