Extended access to additional art, design and performing arts resources

Screens showing books

One of the ways we are providing additional library support at the moment is facilitating access to online resources that publishers are making temporarily available.

The resources have been made freely available by publishers, in addition to our subscribed content, for students and staff to use during the period when university libraries are closed due to COVID-19. Many will be withdrawn by publishers in due course, but we hope this access will help through this challenging time.

Excellent news is that access to the following resources in art, design and performing arts has been extended until 7th August. Do make the most of these resources whilst we have access to them for your studying, teaching and research:

  • Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts (includes Fashion; Design; Illustration; Photography; Animation; Marketing & Advertising)
  • Bloomsbury Design Library
  • Berg Fashion Library
  • Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases
  • Drama Online
  • Bloomsbury Popular Music

A list of all additional temporary resources available during the Covid-19 period can be found on our web pages.

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