New eBooks for Social Sciences

new books banner with books on shelves behind

We’ve add some new eBooks for March onto the New Resources for School of Social Sciences Winter – Spring 2020.

New titles include:

The poverty of nations: a relational perspective by Paul Spicker

Stress & health: biological and psychological interactions by William R Lavallo

Designing and conducting research in social science, health and social care by Dave Williams and Fiona Welch

Children framing childhoods: working-class kids’ visions of care by Wendy Luttrell

Health inequalities: persistence and change in modern welfare states by J P Mackenbach

Story in children’s lives: contributions of the narrative mode to early childhood development, literacy, and learning by Kelli Kerri-Moran and Juli-Anna Aerila

Don’t forget you can use our Suggest an eBook form to get us to buy eBooks in your study areas to help you study off campus.

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