Studying Online during the Coronavirus

As of last week, all teaching moved online for all our on campus students and our physical libraries closed this week, so you’re likely to be studying off-campus.  This is the time to make the most of the library’s online resources. Here’s how:


eBooks and MMR reading lists
If you’re new to using eBooks you’ll find My Module Resources reading lists will have eBooks listed.  You can scroll through and locate the eBooks by the book jacket having a white ‘e’.   There will also be a small laptop icon at the top right.

MMR education ebook

My Module Resources ebook


eBooks for wider reading
You may have previously borrowed print books to supplement your reading for assignments, however in the current circumstances, the physical libraries are closed.   This handy guide explains how to find eBooks on the library catalogue and read them online/download them.  Or, if you prefer this video will take you through step by step.
More content is being made available online and we will blog and tweet about this shortly.


man typing on a laptop

Searching online


To find ejournals use our essential guide to finding articles on Library Search (formerly known as Discover) or video to show you how to access them.

This Library Search hints and tips guide gives you a toolkit of techniques which you can use to make your search results more precise and comprehensive.

If you already know the details of the article you want, go to slide 6 of the ejournal essential guide headed: “If you’ve got the full bibliographic details” near the top of the page.


picture of Google Scholar logo

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Hopefully if you use Google Scholar, you will have already synced with the UoS Library content.  But if not, watch this video on how to do this.
It means when you are looking for resources for your assignments you can easily see when we already have subscribed to this and it will provide a link directly to the full text.

google scholar sync example

Google Scholar sync example


Study Skills

study skills

Study skills drop-ins and 121s are still available

If you need help with referencing, critical thinking or writing – whether you are doing an assignment or your dissertation – then take a look at our Study Skills Guides.

If you need any help with resources you can chat to us via Library Talk, take part in an online Drop-in or book an online 1:1 using the Study Skills request form.  All appointments will be conducted online via Library Talk.


Blog Posts
Our blog posts for Education regularly point to various web and library resources and we will be blogging with other tips and content during this time.

For notifications on Library Services follow us on @UniofSunLib on Twitter.

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