Research from IEEE Sensors Journal – 3D Printed Liquid Metal

Some fascinating research from IEEE Sensors journal  (Volume: 19 , Issue: 10 , May15, 15 2019)

“Stretchable electronic circuits and systems will be critical for future wearable devices and smart textiles, where existing flexible printed circuit board techniques severely limit conformal deformation. In this paper, we present a scalable fabrication approach for making robust interconnects for stretchable electronics using 3D-printed liquid metal paste. Direct extrusion of the liquid metal paste eliminates the need for expensive lithographic molds while offering improved conductivity over traditional carbon- and metal-based inks. As a proof of concept, we demonstrate a multi-layer stretchable circuit, including both active and passive electronic components”

You can read the whole article  using this link above – you will need your University username and password to access our subscription to this journal

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