Developing Technology: Toyota Woven City

“On this 175-acre site in Higashi-Fuji, Japan, we have decided to build a prototype town of the future, where people live, work, play, and participate in a living laboratory. Imagine a fully-controlled site that would allow researchers, engineers, and scientists the opportunity to freely test technology such as autonomy, mobility-as-a-service, robotics, smart home connected technology, AI, and more, in a real world environment. 

This will be a truly unique opportunity to create an entire community or city from the ground up. And allow us to build an infrastructure of the future that is connected and sustainable. Powered by Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell technologies, it will be a chance to collaborate with other business partners and to invite all interested scientists and researchers from around the world.”

-Akio Toyoda (Toyota President) 


You can read more about this developing story using our University subscription to IEEE:

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