Covid-19 Academic resources and other information

Last updated 14/5/2020:  Information on the COVID-19 is key for front line health care professionals treating patients; governments and other bodies concerned with public health who are looking to predict, prevent and control its spread; and laboratories looking to create a vaccine.

26/3/19: A new University of Sunderland Library blog highlights a range of academic journals and other resources on the coronavirus which are currently available free via high-quality publishers and information specialists.

Here are a few resources that are regularly being updated with information:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Information for the public and for health professionals

National Center for Biotechnology information (NCBI) Virus : publicly available novel coronaviruses (2019-nCoV) nucleotide and protein sequence data.

World Health Organisation : situation reports and news on the virus.

World health Organisation: Global research on coronavirus disease (COVID-19), includes a link to their “Global literature on coronavirus disease” database

GIS dashboard created by Johns Hopkins University : Mapping the spread of the virus

Update 24/2/20 An academic librarian at the University of Leicester (UK) has gathered together a wide range of information including free journal articles from publishers and expert searches on the database MEDline

Update 20/2/20 Cochrane Library have put together their Systematic Reviews that are most relevant to the management of people hospitalised with severe acute respiratory infections : Special Collection: Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): evidence relevant to critical care

For more local and personal information about the virus, please see the University of Sunderland’s Guidance and Your questions answered pages as a starting point for information.


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