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Whether you’re studying for the BA in Social Work or MA in Social Work or are an academic the Social Care Institute for Excellence produces regular webinar recordings and guidance to keep you up-to-date with professional practice.

Here is some of the material to help you:

Webinar recordings
These are the most recent webinar recordings:

Relationship-based Social Work Needs Relationship-based Systems – explores children’s social work in Local Authorities.

Digital Capabilities for Social Workers – focuses on how digital skills can support the role of a social worker and how to embed the skills in practice, education and Continuing Professional Development.

Evidence for Strengths and Asset-based Approaches for Social Work Practice – examines how to use this model in practice using person-centred dialogue as part of the process

Achieving Integrated Care: 15 Best Practice Actions – explores how to use this model in practice using person-centred dialogue as part of the process

Co-production with Children and Families – discusses how to get children and families involved in child safeguarding and services

Leadership in Strengths-based Social Care – homes in on leadership behaviours need in delivering this type of social care

Reablement – looks at how services can help those leaving hospital readjust to living at home quickly

Listen to the latest podcast:

How do You Create the Right Conditions for Co-production? – Sally Percival Chair of the National Co-production Advisory Group advises on how to adopt this approach

Research and Practice Studies
These come with videos and updated information. Here are the latest ones:

Activities to Achieve Integrated Care

Safeguarding Children in Education: Types and Indicators of Abuse

Quick guides
These are useful for guidance and advice. Here are the most recent ones:

Enabling Positive Care for Autistic Adults

Preparing for Adulthood Transition Guide – helps you transition young people with learning disabilities

Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism: What to Expect

Evidence for Strengths and Asset-based Outcomes

There are also useful videos on:

Views of Personalisation

Strengths-based Approach to Care

and last but not least the latest update:

Dementia and Housing Resource

Why not sign up for these forthcoming webinars:

Asking About and Responding to Domestic Violence and Abuse on 24 January from 1300-1400 2020

Co-production – Lessons from Oxfordshire  5 February from 1300-1400 2020

Both are free so sign up via Eventbrite links in advance.

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