Quick reference and citation formatting using zbib in your browser

Zbib brandingWe in the library are big fans of reference management software, as it takes a lot of the admin and headache out of managing your reading and getting your references and bibliographies just right. Even if you’re not sure about using Endnote or Zotero software to manage your references and bibliographies, you might still be interested in generating quick citations and references using something called ZoteroBib, or zbib. This webpage was created and is managed by the folks who bring you Zotero, and you can paste in a book or article title, or better yet an ISBN, DOI or web address, and the webpage will automatically generate a citation for you in the style of your choice.  You can then copy and paste that reference into your Word document, email or presentation.

I particularly like zbib because you don’t have to create an account or install an app, the page just generates the reference for you. If you continually use the same computer and browser, zbib also remembers what citations you have created in the past and keeps a running bibliography for you.

If you’re interested in getting started with Zotero, here’s an online guide. You can also book a 1-2-1 Zotero tutorial with a librarian or have your tutor invite us along to a class session to get everyone started using the software.

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