Resources on Diabetes

WHO diabetes infographic 2016

14 November is World Diabetes Day, so we’ve had a look around the web and found some extra resources on the subject, including case studies, statistics, campaigns and other evidence.

Diabetes is one of the top ten global causes of death, 1.6 million deaths were linked to diabetes in 2016, up from less than 1 million in 2000 (1).

The WHO “Global report on diabetes” provides an overview of the worldwide diabetes burden and the interventions available to prevent and manage diabetes.

The Royal College of Nursing has created a Professional Resources page for Diabetes, which includes”Diabetes Essentials” as well as links to key resources on the subject, such as NICE and SIGN guidance and key research, campaigns and statistics from Diabetes UK and NHIR.

“Information prescription” case studies from Diabetes UK

Diabetes case studies can be found via the NHS England website.

Evidently Cochrane aims to make evidence more accessible through blogging about their systematic reviews. There are many categories, including one on Diabetes

American Diabetes Association produced it’s annual Standards of medical care in diabetes in January 2019

1) WHO 2018. The top ten causes of death. Available at: (Accessed 29 October 2019)

Guide to the acronyms on this page:

WHO: World Health Organisation | NICE: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence | SIGN: Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network | NIHR: National Institute for Health Research

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