“How do I find this specific journal article?”

Having trouble locating that journal article you want to read? It can seem like a bit of a maze, and some publisher websites may even ask you to pay. Once you know where to go it’s straightforward to find a specific journal article, and the library can get hold of an article we don’t have in our collection – for FREE (you will need to allow around 10 working days for us to get it for you).

The video below explains a bit about the different parts of a journal reference, and then how to find a journal article (sometimes called the “full text” of an article). It also shows how to order the article if the library doesn’t have it already.


0.00 Introduction
0.20 About this video
0.37 Cite Them Right website
1.17 Elements of a journal reference
2.38 Demo on how to find an article – Intro
3.31 Using Google to find an article
4.30 Finding the article using the Library website
5.09 The “Untick to discover more…” button
5.33 Requesting the article from the library

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