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Recent issues of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism have had different themes including critical thinking (Vol. 27, issue 7),  benefit sharing (Vol.27, issue 6) and transport (Vol.27, issue 2). We’ve highlighted a few of the articles from issue 7 that will be relevant to Sunderland students on tourism, hospitality, events & aviation programmes.  If you want to browse all the articles you can either follow the link below or search on Discover (via the Library web page).

Volume 27 Issue 7 (2019)
Several of the articles in this issue are on the topic of gender and sustainability in tourism and will be relevant for most modules as sustainability is a topic that will impact many aspects of tourism, hospitality, events and aviation industries.

Boluk, K.A., Cavaliere, C.T. and Higgins Desibolles, F. (2019) A Critical Framework for Interrogating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agemda in Tourism

Moreno Alarcon, D & Cole, S. (2019) No Sustainability for Tourism without Gender Equality

Higgins-desibolles, F. and Wijesinghe, G. (2019) The Critical Capacities of Restaurants as Facilitators for Transformations to Sustainability

Sometimes you might find articles online that do not yet have a volume or issue number. This just means that it has been published online but has not been assigned a particular issue yet. An example published recently (July 2019) in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism is the following article:

Devine, A. and Quinn, B. (2019) Building Social Capital in a Divided City: the Potential of Events

This might be a useful title for Experiencing Events (TLH109) and Impacts of Festivals and Events (TLH107)

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

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