Relationship Based Practice Social Work Webinar



Want to learn about best practice in relationship based social work in children’s services? Then sign up for a free webinar from the Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE).

The webinar takes place on 4 September from 1230-1330 and will examine the practice developed at the London Borough of Camden. You can sign up for the webinar on Eventbrite.

The webinar will explain:

  • What relationship based systems are
  • How relationship based practice is running in England
  • How a Local Authority can develop a relationship based system
  • What Ofsted thinks of a relationship based system.

The webinar leaders include:

Tony Hunter Chief Executive Officer of SCIE, Ryan Wise Practice Development Manager of SCIE, Yvette Stanley National Director for Social Care at Ofsted and Tim Fisher, Kevin Mak and James Owen from the London Borough of Camden Children’s Social Care.

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