Game On 2.0

Video games

VIdeo games

Are you into video games?

Head over to the Life Science Centre, Times Square in Newcastle this summer for Game On 2.0, a celebration of 50 years of videogaming.

“Explore the vibrant history, culture and future of gaming, entertainment and technology through more than 150 playable games. Retro aficionados can play on consoles from the 1970s with a dedicated arcade games section, including Pac-Man, Defender and Donkey Kong. Grab your friends, family and dance partners to have a go on multiplayer games such as Just Dance and Wii Sports Resorts. In the ‘Futures’ section, you can learn about the continuing development of gaming, including how virtual reality is making ever-more immersive experiences.” [Description from the Life Science Centre web site]

The exhibition runs until 4 September.

If you want to read more about video gaming over the years, check out the University Library’s collection of books on this subject.

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