Surviving the exam- useful hints and tips.

In a previous blog, we looked at how you can prepare for your exams. This time we will offer some useful hints and tips on how to avoid stress and be prepared on the day of the exam.

Avoiding stress:

-Plan your revision and take plenty of breaks.

-Set yourself realistic goals.

-Eat healthily and take regular exercise.

-Stay hydrated.

-Set aside time for relaxing and socialising.

-Get enough sleep.

How to deal with exam stress:

– Choose a relaxation technique- meditation can help to clear your mind.

-Use deep breathing to relax your body and mind.

The day of the exam:

In the exam:

Look at what is in front of you.

-Read the instructions carefully.

-Quickly look over every page to see what will be expected of you.

Prioritise what needs to be done.

-When looking over the exam paper it is useful to highlight all of the questions you know you can answer.

Pace yourself.

-Don’t rush through the exam.

-Regularly check time left for the rest of the questions.

-Give yourself time to proofread.

After the exam:

-Avoid the exam “post-mortem”. You don’t need to know about how other people got on in the exam. You have done your best. It’s time to focus on your next exam.

If you need any advice and guidance on revision or exam technique you can book a one-to-one appointment with a Study Skills Adviser, simply fill out the online form:

One-to-one advice

Alternatively you can attend a drop-in session, every Tuesday afternoon in the Murray Library between 1pm and 4pm and every Thursday morning in St Peters Library between 10am and 1pm.

Good luck with your exams!

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