New books for fashion – based on your recommendations

new books iconThe University gave the library extra money this year to buy more books –  new titles and extra copies of well used titles. Library staff have been busy buying the titles you need for your module reading lists and some for wider reading too. Many of these have been recommended by you or inspired by hearing about what you are researching for your assignments.

Here are just some of the new books for fashion…

Blackman, C. (2007) 100 years of fashion illustration

Bowstead, J. (2018) Menswear revolution: the transformation of contemporary men’s fashion

Craciun, M. (2017) Islam, faith & fashion: the Islamic fashion industry in Turkey

Dillon, S. (2018) The fundamentals of fashion management

Elsasser, V. (2010) Textiles: concepts and principles

Faiers, J. & Bulgarella, M. (2018) Colors in fashion

Gibson, P. (2012) Fashion and celebrity culture

Godtsenhover, K. et al (2018) Fashion game changers: reinventing the 20th-century silhouette

Hill, D. (2018) Peacock revolution: American masculine identity and dress in the sixties and seventies

Magrath, V. (2018) The new fashion rules

Medvedev, K. & Lynch, A. (2019) Fashion, agency and empowerment: performing agency, following script

Milford-Cottam, D. (2018) Fashion in the 1970s

Shinkle, E. (2017) Fashion photography: the story in 180 pictures

Sissons, J. (2018) Knitwear: an introduction to contemporary design

You can view all the latest titles as they are added to the library on the New Books for the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries.

All new  titles will be added to the Library Catalogue when they come into stock and if they are for a specific module, they will be added to My Module Resources.

If you are a member of staff wanting to develop your reading lists, scroll through the new acquisitions and see if there is anything you’d like to add to your module reading lists. You can add books to your My Module Resources lists by using our new interactive online guide available via our staff information pages.


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