Creativity and the Future of Skills – Report from Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre

The recently published ‘Creativity and Future of Skills Report’ will be an interesting read for students, particularly on events management modules, who are interested in the creative industries.

At a time when all jobs, whether in a coffee shop or a bank, can seemingly be described as creative, you’d be forgiven for thinking the word had lost all meaning in the labour market.

However, this first piece of PEC research, written in partnership with Nesta, shows that ‘creativity’ can still tell us important things about those jobs that ask for it.

Excerpt from Creativity and the Future of Skills abstract

Photo: space to be creative

The Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre (PEC)  is led by Nesta (an innovation foundation) and “is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council as part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy. The Centre works to support the growth of the UK’s creative industries through independent research and policy recommendations.”
Description from press release

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