Equality and diversity in leadership and management

Leadership and management is thought of as a business subject, and it is indeed taught as part of business programmes, but it is interdisciplinary and is also studied within tourism, hospitality and events modules.

The Library has a lot of resources on leadership, most of which you will find shelved in the business section at St. Peter’s Library. Online you will find journal articles on leadership may be published within specific tourism, hospitality and events journals but it you will find many more journal articles in business journals.

That is what is great about Discover (the library journals catalogue) – you can search across all subjects and all journals with a few keywords, and then refine as you need to by subject.

In this post we’re highlighting just a few of the leadership resources we have that are focused on equality & diversity.

Books and ebooks

Book cover - Inclusive leadership
Book cover - studying leadership
Book cover - Diversity and identity

Adapa, S . and Sheridan, A. (2018) Inclusive leadership: negotiating gendered spaces

With existing research tending to conflate leadership roles with notions of masculinity and agency, this study provides examples of how to alter and challenge prevalent stereotypes and ultimately contribute to greater organisational effectiveness

Schedlitzki, D. Edwards, G.P. (2018) Studying leadership: traditional and critical approaches

Split into three parts, it covers the traditional and mainstream theories on leadership; the main topics and perspectives explored in leadership research and the recent trends in leadership studies such as gender and diversity, ethics, sustainability, language and identity.

Villesèche, F. et.al. (2018) Diversity and identity in the workplace: connections and perspectives

Examining the theoretical connections between identity and diversity, this book explores how diversity management practices can be better informed by an enhanced understanding of the relationship between the two fields.

Journals & journal articles

Below are just a couple of journals where you will find articles on leadership. You’ll find many others on Discover (the library’s journals catalogue), however remember you can search across all journals using keywords by using the search box on the library home page. We’ve provided some examples of individual articles below.

Relevant Journals

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal
    Although this journal has several articles related to leadership, a couple of special issues are particularly relevant:

    • Vol.31 Issue 1 (2011) is a special issue on gender, management and leadership
    • Vol.35. Issue 1 (2016) is a special issue on Diversity, Diversity Management and Identity
  • Leadership
    Leadership is an international, peer-reviewed journal designed to provide an ongoing forum for academic researchers to exchange information, insights and knowledge based on both theoretical development and empirical research on leadership.

Tips for reading critically

If you find critically reading journal articles to be a challenge, try using a different reading method such as SQ3R. Learn about SQ3R on our SQ3R guide.

Guide screenshot: SQ3R

Watch our screencast on journal articles

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