Resources spotlight: Innovation in tourism, hospitality & events

Innovation in tourism, hospitality & events is a strand that will run throughout all modules. It’s easy when you think of innovation to jump straight to technology and there are many technological innovations that are changing the industries, but it’s not all technology. You might want to to start by understanding the theory behind innovation, reviewing the research or finding some examples or case studies. In this blog post we’re putting the spotlight on innovation and highlighting a few resources within the library collections that may provide a useful start…

Remember it is your responsibility to evaluate all resources you choose to use in your assignments.

Books and ebooks

book cover - Hospitality and tourism synergizing creativity
book cover - Achieving Success Through Innovation
book cover - Technology and events
book cover - handbook of research on innovations in tourism
book cover - tourism and innovation
book cover - Tourism planning and development

Hall, C.M. and Williams, A.M (2008) Tourism and innovation – ebook available

Hall and Williams provide an overview of relevant innovation theories and related literatures on productivity and competitiveness, and their significance to contemporary tourism practices

Rogerson, C.M. (2018) Tourism planning and development: contemporary cases and emerging issues

There is a chapter within this book called “Networking and Learning for Tourism Innovation: Evidence from the Western Cape written by Irma Booyens and Christian M. Rogerson”

Alsos, G.A. (2014) Handbook of research on innovations in Tourism Industries (ebook)

“The tourism sector – already one of the fastest growing industries in the world – is currently undergoing extensive change thanks to strong market growth and a transition to more experience-based products”….This “handbook offers timely, original research on innovation within the tourism industry from a number of interdisciplinary and global perspectives.”

Sumarjan, N. et. al (2013) Hospitality and tourism: synergizing creativity and innovation in research

Hospitality and Tourism – Synergizing creativity and innovation in research contains 116 accepted papers from the International Hospitality and Tourism Postgraduate Conference 2013 (Shah Alam, Malaysia, 2-3 September 2013)

Enz, C.A. ET.AL. (2016) Achieving success through innovation: cases and insights from the hospitality, travel and tourism industry

This book investigates the genesis and success of innovation in the hospitality industry as detailed in over four dozen case studies.

Martin, V. and Cazarre, L. (2016) Technology and events: how to create engaging events

This title “explores the use of technology to improve results on all kinds of events from initial planning stages right through to post event debriefing.”

Did you know?

Textbooks often focus on a general subject and include chapters on specific topics. You can often check the contents of a book on the Library Catalogue. This helps you see if there is a chapter on your particular subject.

screenshot - Contents on Catalogue

You’ll find all these books and ebooks and many others too on the Library Catalogue.

Journals and journal articles

Search screenshot - tourism and innovation

When searching for journal articles we recommend you start with the Library search – it’s a good idea to think of some keywords first. This helps you build a specific search which will hopefully provide you with relevant results.

In the screenshot above we’ve

  • used an asterisk * after touris* and innovat*. This tells the search to look for any endings of that word for example tourism or tourists, or innovate, innovations or innovative.
  • chosen the title field for both keywords which tells the system we want results with those words in the title. You can choose other fields when you want to adapt your search and you may receive different results.

You’ll find these journal articles and many others too on Discover. Discover is the Library search for journals and the best way to use it is to start at the Library web page, type in your keywords, choose the journal articles button and click on the search icon.

If you want to do a more detailed search like the one in the screenshot above, you can click on the ‘advanced search’ link.

If you’d like library staff to help you make the most of Discover and how to search for journal articles you can pop by the library help desk or contact us by email/live chat.


Unpublished theses can be useful sources of information and many are freely available via the British Library EThOS service, or via University repositories. You can search for Theses on Discover via the Library web page.

Edmond, H. (2009) Marketing, innovation and business relations in Scotland’s rural hotel industry: a regional development perspective, Unpublished PhD, University of Aberdeen

Ethos provides a link to the full text of this PhD via the University of Aberdeen repository. YOu may have to accept some terms and conditions before you can download the full text.

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