National Poetry day – Read a poem a day


st peters poetryNational Poetry Day is a chance for everyone everywhere to read, share and enjoy poetry.

Poetry can be a way of children and adults reading and accessing vocabulary which they have not explored much before.

Resources for teaching poetry can be found here

From modern poerty to Shakespeare there are a range of resources to use all year round.  The Shakespeare Schools Foundation have a Lesson Plan on Shakespeare’s rhythms and get into writing Iambic poetry!


Within the library we have a variety of books and journal articles on teaching poetry including these below:

Medwell, J. (2018) Primary English: knowledge and understanding, Los Angeles: Learning Matters

Davison, J. & Daly, C. (2014) Learning to teach English in the secondary school: a companion to school experience. London, Routledge

Brgcjley, A. (2017) ‘Developing children’s critical response to poetry’, English 4–11, Issue 60, p3-5.

We also have a wide range of poetry too.  Including reflections in poetic form  dealing with the real life-worlds of professors, instructors, lecturers, teachers, and others working in education.

Teaching as a human experience: an anthology of contemporary poems(2015) Cambridge Scholars Publishing


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