Performance Philosophy – latest issue


Performance Philosophy is pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of their open access journal – Vol 4.1, a special edition on ‘Crisis/Krisis’, co-edited by Will Daddario and Theron Schmidt.

A taster of what is included in this issue is listed below:

The Tragedy of the Greek Debt Crisis: To Be Done With Judgment

During the Long Greek Crisis: Jan Fabre, The Greek Festival, and Metakénosis

Photographing the End of the World: Capitalist Temporality, Crisis, and the Performativity of Visual Objects

Being in Crisis: Scenes of Blindness and Insight in Tragedy

Krisis as the Scene of Non-Decisional Judgement: A Performance Fiction for the Generic Human

Anarchic Reflection and the Crisis of Krisis: Working with Artaud

The Essay in Times of Crisis

Climate Change and the Inescapable Present

Theatre at the Impasse: Political Theology and Blitz Theatre Group’s Late Night

Love in the Time of Crisis: Examining the Subject of Love in the Southbank’s Festival of Love (2016)

The Listening Theatre: A Metamodern Politics of Performance

Crisis and the Emotional Body: Towards (Another) Freedom



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