Drama Therapy Review – call for papers



The journal ‘Drama Therapy Review’ is issuing a call for appears for a special issue entitled Performance, Technology, and New Media.

In this special issue of Drama Therapy Review, the journal will be asking how technological shifts inform pedagogy, practice, research, and performance in drama therapy. Our screens have become the fractured lens through which we understand the world raising important questions about why, when, how, where, and with whom performance unfolds in drama therapy and how the practice of drama therapy, itself, is performed. How do we contend with the rapid absorption of images in our lives and the lives of those we serve? How are these images manifest in the physical, projective and aesthetic choices, roles, and scenes that arise in the therapeutic encounter and in performance? What are the therapeutic dimensions of the virtual playspace? What are the ethical, clinical, pedagogical, social, aesthetic, and ontological issues that need to be considered? Current research and creative contributions are welcome that address the impact of performance and/or the intersections of drama therapy, technology, and new media.

The deadline for papers is 1 August 2019, and you can contact dtr@intellectbooks.com for more details. Information about the journal and for the full details about the call for papers visit https://bit.ly/2Q1uPU7.

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