New books & ebooks for tourism, hospitality & events

We’ve been adding new books to our collections all year and buying additional copies or ebook versions of well used titles when they are available. You’ll find some of our new titles on your My Module Resources lists. but we’ve bought many of them as wider reading to help you further explore your subjects.

All new titles purchased since September 2017 have been added to a list so that you can view them all in one place. You can filter the list by subject, date added or by whether it is a brand new title. To find out what new books are available for the topics you are studying visit the New books for tourism, hospitality & events list.

Book cover: human resource in the tourism
Book cover: Heritage and tourism
book 3
Book cover: Sustainability in Hospitality
Book cover: Events manage
Book cover: Academic writing
book 5
Book cover: successsful event management
book 4
Screenshot - My Module Resources - new books for tourism

We’ve highlighted a few examples in this blog post but you can browse all new books on the New books for tourism, hospitality & events list.

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