Thomas Cook & a history of travel

Phot: map, camera & travel moneyFor those with an interest in mass tourism or travel, history Thomas Cook has a very interesting page on the rich history of travel with the company over 175 years starting with trips by train for temperance societies and Sunday schools and and including the rescue of General Gordon from Khartoum in 1884.

Thomas Cook History & Key Dates

Traveller’s Gazette is the Thomas Cook tumblr page and archive of images from their history. I’ve linked to some examples below that caught my eye:

The 1950’s and the package holiday | Pleasure Trips by Air | Steamers on the Nile

The British Museum share a Thomas Cook pilgrim report, pilgrim booklet and pilgrim ticket from 1886. Thomas cook tickets were issued to thousands of pilgrims traveling to Mecca

Thomas Cook archive includes travelers guidebooks, railway timetables, travelers’ diaries, photographs and more. The archive in Peterborough is open to researchers by appointment.

Thanks to Heather Dawson at LSE for highlighting these links.

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