Free online course – Filmmaking and animation in the classroom

Film NegativeID: 1279142 © Kasia Biel | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Check out this free online course where you will learn how to use simple filmmaking and animation to bring learning to life, and aid cross-curricular attainment and assessment. It will help anyone working with young people aged 5-19 to engage them in learning through simple filmmaking and animation. You’ll discover how film and animation can be used as powerful tools for encouraging active learning and enabling pupils to establish strong connections with any area of the curriculum.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Explore how to make simple films and animations with pupils
  • Consider how to use filmmaking as a tool for assessment
  • Learn how to evaluate the filmmaking process ensuring progression
  • Devise a range of filmmaking briefs that can ensure filmmaking projects are curricular focused
  • Plan how to run in class filmmaking projects efficiently
  • Learn how to use a range of filmmaking software

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