Study Skills: Motivation


Motivation is something you can’t buy and repackage.  It can ebb and flow at crucial times.

Sometimes you may feel like you’re on a perpetual treadmill. You may feel that you’re going through motions.

You might even question whether you want to continue being a student. You might be combining employment and study and ask yourself if you have anything more to give. Being a student can certainly feel like a rollercoaster ride and at times motivating yourself to study strategically may seem like a colossal task.

You might have a dissertation to write, but you feel empty. Tired and demoralised. You know that you have to start. Yet all that motivation you had at the beginning of the year has whittled down.

Remember motivation needs refuelling and prepping. When you have noticed that your motivation has dwindled – try to improve it without being hard on yourself. Sometimes you just need a little rest. Mind mapping or journalling your goals and aspirations may be the kick-start you need to recharge yourself.


book iconTips to build motivational study habits

Embrace positive thinking

Accept that life has ups and downs

Keep things in perspective

Make lists/revise goals. Try journalling your ideas or concerns

Have a Growth-Mindset

Celebrate each task you complete

Access study skills support if required


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By Mussarrat (Study Skills Support Adviser)


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