Physical theatre – exploring The Slap

Learn about Meyerhold’s form of physical theatre, biomechanics, and understand and perform ‘The Slap’. This course introduces you to world-renowned Russian director Meyerhold’s technique of biomechanics. It invites you to study and experience first-hand his revolutionary biomechanical étude, ‘The Slap’.

Through a mixture of video, animation, discussion forums and practical exercises you will begin to understand Meyerhold’s Russian actor training technique – a two-minute repeatable exercise used to develop balance, awareness and expression. You will be invited to explore your own response to this unique approach to training and will share these responses with your fellow learners.

The topics that will be covered in the course include:

  • Meyerhold and the Russian Revolution: why biomechanics was invented and why he felt it was necessary
  • Exploring ‘the Slap’ through biomechanical training exercises known as études
  • Meyerhold in action: working safely by preparing using warm up techniques
  • ‘The Slap’ in action: techniques for the ‘shake and shake’, ‘slap and taking aim’, and ‘the slap and return to neutral’
  • Production of a video, image or prose demonstrating actions from the études

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