UNWTO/WTM Ministers’ summit on ‘overtourism’ Nov 2017


In August and October 2017 we blogged about the idea of overtourism with a link to a Skift Documentary on Barcleona and the news reports of protests and anti-tourist sentiment. Discussion of this issue has continued recently.

Over 60 tourism leaders participated in a summit on overtourism in London in November 2017 where “community engagement, communication, congestion management, adequate planning and product diversification were highlighted as key aspects in dealing with ‘overtourism’.” Read more about the summit on the UNWTO press release.

If you’re interested in overtourism, tourismphobia, urban tourism, gentrification of tourist cities, the attitudes of residents, social/economic impacts of tourism and ideas for what developments are needed to address the issues then you may wish to view the discussion. It is available on YouTube below.

For academic sources on these topics you can check the Library Catalogue or Discover from the Library web page. Some examples include:

Watch the video below. It is 2 hours long.

UNWTO / WTM (World Travel Market)  Ministers’ Summit – Overtourism: growth is not the enemy, it is how we manage it

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