Thank you for helping us to Welcome you to the 2017/18 Academic Year!

We’ve now finished our Welcome Drop-In campaign that was running Monday to Friday, 11am – 3pm at both St. Peter’s Campus and Murray Library. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and seeing all the new and returning faces.

We collected data from your queries so we could tell you what our top 3 most asked about topics were. This year they came in as:

1. Library Accounts
2. E-books
3. Journals

From this, we can gather that these 3 topics are what our students need the most help with when starting or returning to their course and can then make sure that help is offered. We tend to take a lot of queries over e-books and journals throughout the year, usually through email or our Library Chat function we have on our library homepage – so if you asked us something to do with these topics, and need help again at a later stage, please feel free to use these channels to contact us!

We have been receiving a range of enquiries, and we hope that we have been helpful for you all! If you didn’t get a chance to drop in, don’t worry – the staff will always be around to help you out with any queries you have. Just remember to double check our opening times on the Library homepage to see what time our staff leave for the day.
Our next drop-in events start 16th October. They are Assignment Drop-ins, and will run on Mondays at Murray Library and Thursdays at St. Peter’s, 10am – 1pm. Find out more about them across our social media platforms. See you there!

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