What should I read?















My Module resources (MMR)  is the place where your lecturers will recommend specific reading and research for each module you study.

Together with your librarian they create reading lists that you can access online.
These contain books, journal articles, useful websites, online reports, scanned chapters, and more.
You can find My Module Resources on the Library Webpage

You can search My Module Resources by subject keywords (eg Pedagogy ) or by Module Code (eg EDU101 )

There are many Electronic books available for your subject and these are clearly labelled; you can click on the title to see more detail about the book. If you wish to read it you can click the the link where it says “Read online using your University Username and Password,” you can then read the book online immediately. (If you want to continue studying somewhere without internet access eg. on the train or the beach, you can download the book to your device. The download will expire after 24 hours).

Depending on which modules you are studying, there may be electronic journal articles and scanned chapters to read; you can access these with the same Username and Password.

My Module Resources also may include links to useful websites and online reports; so it’s a great place to start.

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