Outdoor Classroom Day – 18th May 2017

autumn playing children outdoors

18th May 2017 marks Outdoor Classroom Day. It is a day to celebrate to and inspire outdoor learning and play, teaching life skills such as creativity and teamwork, and connecting with nature.

Schools around the world will be taking their lessons outside and prioritising playtime whilst at the same time providing opportunities to make them feel challenged and excited by learning.

For more information about Outdoor Classroom Day, and information on how to sign your school up (or how to speak to your child’s school about it), please visit: https://outdoorclassroomday.org.uk/

The library has lots of useful resources about outdoor learning and the benefits it reaps in child development:

Elemental play and outdoor learning: young children’s playful connections with people, places and things by Annie Woods (2016). Available online as an ebook. You will need your University user id and password to access.

Learning with nature: embedding outdoor practice by Clare Warden (2014). Available to borrow from St. Peter’s library, shelmark 372.1384/W07

Outdoor play and interaction skills in early childhood education: approaching for measuring using social network analysis, by Isabel Duque et al. In Journal of Physical Education and Sport, Dec2016, 16:4.

Use the library catalogue  and Discover  to locate further books, ebooks and journal articles on outdoor learning.

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